IQBroker Public Beta is Now Available

IQBroker Public Beta

We are thrilled to announce the public beta release of IQBroker, the world’s smartest trading platform for discretionary and algorithmic trading! Please download IQBroker, check it out, and get back to us with your feedback, questions and suggestions.

IQBroker has been under development for a long time, and in private beta for the last several months, and now it’s finally ready for public use. We think you’ll really like it! Here are some of the highlights of IQBroker:

  • Enjoy a beautiful, intuitive, modern user interface.
  • Trade manually with a polished, feature-rich platform for discretionary trading, including powerful charts, flexible workspaces, DOM, T&S and more.
  • Develop automated trading strategies using incredibly powerful tools for portfolio-level backtesting and automated trading.
  • Extend the platform with 18 different types of scripts to control every aspect of your discretionary and algorithmic trading.
  • Write your scripts in C#, VB.NET, F# or R.NET, using our built-in IDE or Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Our broker-neutral platform currently supports Interactive Brokers, MB Trading and CQG, with FXCM coming soon.

For more information about the new platform visit our website at

During the beta phase we’re making IQBroker Professional Edition available for free to all beta testers, for the entire duration of testing! (Simply download the platform, and it will have the full functionality of the Professional Edition.)

Download IQBroker now and be one of the first people in the world to use this exciting new trading platform!

Getting Started

When you start IQBroker, it will ask you for your email and password. If you have already signed up then enter your credentials. Otherwise, click Log In as Guest to start IQBroker without signing up:


After you start IQBroker, it will automatically open two demo portfolios:

  • Automated Trading Portfolio
  • Manual Trading Portfolio

You can use and modify these portfolios, or create new portfolios. We have introductory videos that explain how to use Automated Trading and Manual Trading in IQBroker.

We also have a concise User Guide. The User Guide contains sections about Automated Trading and Manual Trading.

Automated Trading Portfolio
Manual Trading Portfolio


For video tutorials and documentation visit our support page.

If you have any questions please contact our support team.